Lime Scent: Production Notes

Thursday, June 01, 2006, 11:21 AM

KRK Ryden
Lime Scent


The Prints:
• Printed from an exclusive and original KRK Ryden drawing
• Printed on Rives BFK, cream, printmaking paper
• Handpressed in custom green, pink, and purple inks
• Stamped title and printer’s chop
• Hand signed and numbered by KRK Ryden

The Multi-Sensory Experience:
• Scratch-'n'-sniff on the rim of the floating seat
• Special 3-D viewing glasses
• Original KRK graphics foil stamped on glasses in red

The Certificate of Authenticity:
• Printed in two colors on heavy paper
• Signed and numbered by the artist

The Edition:
• Released in June 2006
• Print size is 12" x 14"
• Edition of 25
• 4 printer proofs
• 5 artist's proofs
• 1 Bon á tirer