Open Press Opening

Monday, October 09, 2006, 11:24 AM

Running solely on adrenaline (a mix of very little sleep and coffee [tea for Brad and Eric]), we printed the artist's names on the wall, we put up the Curious Show sign, we attached the title cards, printed out the price list and turned on the lights in the cabinet. Viola. A CURIOUS SHOW 2006 is officially official!

Strike up the band.

As for the night's events:

Denverites flocked to the show and found it quite curious. People hovered about the display cabinet, tried on the 3-D glasses for KRK Ryden's pieces, drank, ate, and were merry. Some wandered in from the street like moths to a flame having never heard of the wild works of Pressure Printing and throughly enjoyed the sights. Others knew of the artists and Pressure Printing and jumped for joy at the surprises and in-person interaction with the prints. Pictures!


PP employees take a collective nap.

The cabinent looked smashing. We need better pictures of it so that it dosen't look like a UFO.

A panorama of the gallery.

Then the people showed up!

Brad's family was all there and were all in conversational poses.

Gretchen was pretty happy about the whole thing.

Everybody loved the KRK glasses.

Brad, Gretchen, Eric.

All in all, a pretty great night.


Anonymous said...

wow what a amazing show dad it was really fun. i like the way you put everything up.

Bruce G. said...

Nice looking show. I didn't realize how the large the Diaz prints were! Great frames all over the place (I love frames).

Gretchen said...

Thanks Bruce G! Your surprise about the Diaz prints is a common one. That's exactly why we're so happy to be doing these shows. This art really needs to be seen live or in the least a more human context then solely on the wonderful web world. Hope we can hit your side of the country soon. (We also love frames!)