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Wednesday, January 03, 2007, 2:43 AM

Our truck recently got in from LA containing boxes and boxes of framed prints from A Curious Show. Lack of space is a chronic Pressure Printing problem (office desks have become inventory storage, presses serve as inking tables...) and so in the interest of tidiness (and in part to make way for the new press we just bought! Which is awesome! Except we have no idea where to put it when it comes! And it is rather large!) we're offering our readers a unique opportunity to buy the very same framed prints that hung in A Curious Show. Ever wanted just one of our Gary Baseman prints to put on your wall instead of all five, nicely framed for display instead of in a box? Now you can. At reasonable prices!

They're all one of a kind--we'll take them down as they sell. Shipping and handling will be a flat rate of $25 anywhere in the United States and $50 internationally. All items will be shipped fully insured. Email with questions or to make a purchase. Links lead to pictures of the framed piece in question:

Dave Cooper
Bent Over

Jim Woodring
 Focus Study

The Four Reasons (print #1) SOLD
 The Four Reasons (print #2)
 The Four Reasons (print #3)
 The Four Reasons (print #4)
 each printer's proof from this sold-out edition: $250

Hassan Patterson

Glenn Barr
 Carousel of Souls (print #1)
 Carousel of Souls (print #3)
 Carousel of Souls (print #4)
 Carousel of Souls (print #5)
 each $310

Gary Baseman
 Unattainable Beauty (print #1)
 Unattainable Beauty (print #2)
 Unattainable Beauty (print #3)
 Unattainable Beauty (print #4)
 each $325

KRK Ryden
 Lime Scent
 Doggy Punchin'
 each $300
 Lunch-Time Escape Plan
 printer's proof from this sold-out edition: $350


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What is the font you have used for "BUY FRAMED PRINTS"
Thanks for info...

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Is it possible to purchase your editions wholesale for gallery sales?