Ain't That Good News

Tuesday, April 22, 2008, 9:21 AM

Well we've got some good news and some more good news.

The good news is that we're announcing the release of a new framed relief print, our first collaboration with artist Cathie Bleck. Cathie currently has a solo show hanging at the New Britain Museum of American Art and has just produced a gorgeous book which comes complete with jacket recommendation blurbs from none other than Milton Glaser and Jimmy Carter. I cannot imagine a more awesome pair of references.

If you aren't familiar with Cathie's work you are in for a treat.

The print in question measures 9.75" x 8.5" and has been printed with our circa 1860 relief press in a very limited edition of 20 prints (+ 5 Printer's Proofs, 5 Artist's Proofs, and one Bon à Tirer) on Rives Heavyweight printmaking paper. The frame extends out to 16.5" x 15.25", and the print is floated within it over a linen backing using completely archival materials. Everything is protected from the elements with startlingly transparent, anti-reflective, UV-proof museum-quality glass. It's then packaged with perfectly fitting, custom-ordered boxes and foam, ready to be shipped.

Which brings me to my second bit of good news, which is that this is our first project framed from start to finish in our new woodshop.

The more astute among you may recognize this space from the production pictures of the assembly of Mark Ryden's Madonna & Karl project. The shop has for forty years been run by our long time carpenter and friend David, who we've worked with forever--he constructed most of the furniture here in the office. But David is moving on to greener pastures and we have purchased his woodshop; we are saddened to see him go and tremendously excited about the possibilities this shop brings for streamlining and extending our framing process. We can finally bring it all under one roof and customize, experiment, and craft to our hearts' content with a full arsenal of tools. Expect amazing things.


Anonymous said...

Hello.. I would like to sign up on your mailing list (there are a few artists' upcoming prints I am interested in!), however it doesn't work when I click on "contact"- could you give an e-mail address to write to? ? Thank you!

Gretchen said...

Thanks so much for your interest. You can sign up for our mailing list at our web site: At the bottom right hand corner of the site there is a button for the email list. Click on that to get the email address and send your info to us. Thanks!