We're Going Big

Tuesday, May 22, 2007, 4:45 PM

We’re going big.

How could we resist the temptation? If our press can go big than so must we. But big prints mean big equipment. And so, our print studio continues on its course of perpetual motion, attempting to keep up with all of the different scenarios of PP projects and setting up new equipment to print you all some big prints. Paper moves over there to make way for the huge paper dampening tray, and flat files move over there to set up a flattening station . . . If we stack this stuff we can put that over there . . . but then were will we put that? Or that? It’s actually a lot like musical chairs . . . no, no more like Tetris . . . but without things disappearing or gaining points . . . maybe more like musical chairs. Anyway, it’s worth it, because these prints we got coming up are good, real good. Or at least we think so, and we hope you do to.

Stay on your toes . . .