Around the Office

Wednesday, June 06, 2007, 10:50 AM

One of the perks of working at Pressure Printing is the office itself; particularly it's ever accumulating collection of things. Brad loves the eBay. Every time I look up UPS is delivering another box of antiquarian curiosities right to our doorstep for us to ferret away in various nooks and crannies.

Above is just one shelf of the glass cabinet used in A Curious Show, which as you can see we've thoroughly restocked. It's a "conversation piece." For instance: I got into a ten minute discussion about Ultraman with the FedEx guy the other day... He grew up on an army base in Japan, where pop culture is awesome, and bemoaned moving back to the States in his early teens, turning on a TV and seeing the The Brady Bunch.

Clowns are always scary, but are especially so when they erupt, bright-eyed and open-mouthed, from the crotch of molten rusty baby legs.

He is a beer, and also a man!

And a beer girl to match. She dresses like Peter Pan, and is also a bell. We ring her to call for happy hour. Also there are rockets.

Some things you have to peek around corners to find.

The switch for this sign is right next to the switch for the lights below, which we use quite often. I'm about 50-50 for hitting it accidentally. At which point there is instantly a brief interlude of daquaris and dancing.

I absolutely love this guy. The best part is, when you tip him back, his eyes close like an "American Girl" doll or somesuch.

Leftover Curiosities, a couple of relief plates, and an orange from the Carter administration.

That's all for now.


Scott Fertig said...

I'd love to find out his "search words" for Ebay. Great collection!

Emily said...
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