Can you stand the suspense . . . . ?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 12:11 PM

I can't.

Eric wrote in the last post that he said too much about our up-coming project releases and now I'm going to say more. Suspense is all over the studio and its making me squirmy. I can't promise to give away all of the secrets but I will let you in on a few more details.

First and foremost: The new Pressure Printing Bookstore! This is not a secret. It is the real deal and it is up an running. Right now at the Bookstore we have Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia, and James Jean (their books, not the actual artist, that would be silly). We are super excited about this addition and hope it offers our Pressure Printing fans another great way to check out the beautiful work of these very talented artists.

Next in line: We sent off Coop's latest project to be signed by, you guessed it, Coop. Do you remember the blog post from May 22nd? Well, that huge print being lovingly pulled by Mr. EP is the huge Coop print on the brink of release! You would have seen the image before but this time its a whole new world of Coopness. Its big, its embossed and it will rock the wall over that old couch of yours making you the most envied print owner on the block. The road of big prints is a new one for Pressure Printing and it took time to find our barrings but I'm sure you'll enjoy this new direction.

Moving right along . . . Mark Mothersbaugh. Ah yes. A long awaited project with the Devo front man is just around the corner. Mothersbaugh gave all the Pressure Printing folks a little taste with his "Air Marshall Turbulence" print we did for The Curious Show portfolio and now we have something really satisfying to feed on. Eric has been making new frames from antique frames that are so terrific it makes me happy just knowing he's back there making them. This project is a perfect trademark Pressure Printing mix of old and new. With a little bit of antique frame, traditional printmaking techniques, old school rounded glass, and antique photography all mixed up with digital manipulation, new school plate making processes, synthetic materials and modern day pizazz, its got it all. Just take a look:

This picture is pre cool rounded glass, but you get the idea.

And next . . . drum roll please . . . what rhymes with "Shark Hidin"? . . Mark Ryden! That's who! The Mark Ryden project is on the horizon and we just can't not mention it because it's so close. This project literally has our blood, sweat and tears in its fibers (don't worry, we cleaned them off). We did so many new tricks, worked with new techniques and the trials and tribulations are well worth it. You'll see . . . .

Eric took this picture of Brad and I working on the hand made frames for the Ryden print.

This year has been full of new adventures for Pressure Printing . . . what will we come up with next? Keep watching to find out.


Eric said...

The Mark Ryden project looks great. Too bad it's going to be harder to get than Rockies tickets. Brad - You can just set one aside for me and I'll swing by and pick it up like I did with "The Owl Addict".

David Cook said...


Im an artist and I appreicate all you do to make these prints amazing.

Take Care,
Dave Cook

Mark Hammond said...

Any update on the Coop prints...been in suspense a while now. You guys just teasing us or what?

Gretchen said...


No, contrary to the vibe created by the infrequency of blog updates, we are not just teasing. Thanks for being so patient in your suspense. The Coop's are now available! Go to our web site to check them out. Thanks for keeping us in line and checking the blog!

Anonymous said...

The two new prints look great! I love how you're putting out custom framed prints these days.

There's a typo in the description for "The Ruiners". Fluffily is misspelled.