Let's Go Camping

Tuesday, October 02, 2007, 1:40 PM

Oh neglected blog, we will update you more often, we promise.

We've got a number projects that are infuriatingly close to release, and we can't tell you about any of them. Big and small, old and new, grandfathers, fast cars, and something truly beautiful from an aritst whose name rhymes with "Shark Hidin'."

I've said too much already.

Anyhow, what's keeping us from finishing these things up already? Vacation! Here are some pictures from the recent work camping trip out to the desert. Desert + tiki bar + fire + drum kit + explosions + rock'n'roll + guns + dirtbikes + beer = good times had by all.


T-Bone said...

Eric/Brad etc.--

Those pictures are amazing. Thank you!