Monday, October 05, 2009, 12:00 AM

What do you get when you mix a skull, a spider, a snail, anthropomorphic teacups, a wooden man in a bowler, and a horse, six feet underground? Our newest print with the one and only Femke Hiemstra!

Femke, (who is right this second releasing her first [great!] book, “Rock Candy,”) furnished us with a wonderful graphite drawing as a starting point for the project. She also sent along some awesome pictures of the drawing in progress, from her first thumbnails:

...to further refinements:

...to finishing touches:

So drawing in hand, we went through a few rounds of intaglio plates and made a flurry of test prints until we had one that captured the darkest darks all the way to the wispy highlights. And then it was time to ink, buff, and edition the plate.

We settled on printing the image in a smoky sepia ink on a stack of handcrafted custom-made Twinrocker paper.

Meanwhile, Brad had the bright idea to emboss an illustrated title and perhaps other various accoutrements into the print, and after talking about it with Femke she produced this:

...which, punched into the paper, ends up looking something like this:

Really, a perfect touch.

So, a couple of mailings to and from the Netherlands to get everything signed and a funny-goggled quality control session later...

...and we had a finished edition. And now we’re offering it for sale on pressureprinting.com!

Femke Hiemstra: Haniwa
  • Edition: 100 + 10 artist’s proofs, 10 printer’s proofs & 1 bon à tirer

  • Print size: 12.75” × 8.75”

  • Printed intaglio on custom Twinrocker paper with Charbonnel inks

  • Embossed with an illustrated title designed by the artist

  • Signed and numbered by the artist

  • Comes with a custom-designed, perforated, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity


Marc said...

Fantastic illustrations! They must look great when printing!

Russell Maycumber said...

true believers