Oldies = Goodies

Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 10:56 AM

First things first: we’ve got a fall sale going. 25% off of everything on pressureprinting.com! But while you’re taking advantage of our low low prices, you might also notice some new print thumbnails littering the timeline. And indeed, we’ve updated the website with a gaggle of projects which were never available for general sale, but which we want to share with the world nonetheless. In rough chronological order:

First: Mark Ryden’s 11-color screenprint, Silence. We completed this edition in collaboration with Mark under the auspices of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, who handled the selling and distribution. It was more work than anyone supposed but the results were more than worth it. The textural contrast between the shiny, translucent, aged Japanese paper and the heavy, matte, flat screened inks came off particularly well.

Second, we have a few installments of a project which has become something of an annual ritual around here: Baby Tattooville nametags! We've done them for three years running now, and they’re always a blast. Here’s how it works: the Baby Tattooville folks send us a striking image from an amazing artist, we hand-print and generally fancy it up, and ship the resulting stack of paper back to California where they are inscribed by the hand of a professional calligrapher with each attendee’s name to become the coolest nametags in the history of mankind. Artists in order of year: James Jean, Shag, and Greg Simkins. None of us have been lucky enough to attend this fantabulous weekend (yet) but we’ve only heard gushing praise about the event and are happy to play a part.

Next is an edition of giclées we did in collaboration with Chris Berens, exclusively for Jaski Art Gallery, The Kiss. The image is one of simultaneous action and repose, painted (painted!) with an equally paradoxical mix of expressiveness and photographic detail. We did our best to make it more than the average giclée with the debossed mounting on heavy, stiff, deckled stock and the illustrated emboss above the title. Plus: polar bears and manatees. It’s a winner.
And finally another edition of giclées, this time produced for the Limited Edition of James Jean's Process Recess, Volume 3. So beautiful. If the painting weren't enough, the ropey foil pattern James drew for us to foil stamp on top takes it to another level. It can be a challenge to integrate something as literally flashy as gold foil into an image, but James handled it with his usual preternatural grace and skill.

None of these are new, really, but they’re new to most of you! And while they weren’t and aren’t available for general sale, we have proofs of most on hand and you are always free to enquire.


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